Boost Opticals Limited is a comprehensive eyecare clinic with over 12 years’ experience in routine and complex ophthalmic, optometric, optical and diagnostic services offered through our specialized divisions.


• Paediatric
• Anterior Segment
• Cornea & Keratorefractive
• Glaucoma
• Squint ocular motility
• Retina
Vision Rehabilitation
• Low vision
• Refractive
• Cataract including laser assisted
• Paediatric
• Cornea & Keratorefractive
• Squint ocular motility
• Retina including macula hole
Specialised ocular investigations
• OCT Angio
• Fundus photograph
• B scan
• A scan
• Electrophysiological test (ERG & EOG)
• Glaucoma
• Retina
• Laser DCR
Optical – Lens & Frames
Whether you are looking for specialized, professional, back to school or just for fashion eyewear, we offer wide variety of lens and frames to suit your needs. We have Optical experts to guide you with the selection process to help you determine what will work best for your eyes and your lifestyle.

SOME EYE CONDITIONS OF CONCERN ARE:                                       

  1. Refractive Error
  2. Computer vision syndrome
  3. Infections and inflammations
  4. Cataract
  5. Glaucoma

* Refractive error: These are conditions whereby there is error in the focusing of light by the eye and are frequent reasons for reduced visual acuity. Example are MYOPIA (short sightedness) in which case, the cornea is too steep or eye ball too long thereby forming the image in front of the retina.


  1. Your sight is your world
  2. Your vision is your life
  3. Your eyes are priceless

Free Eye Screening

  • FIRST  WEDNESDAY & LAST SATURDAY of every month.


Optometry Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Care
  • Contact Lens Fitting

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